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pH-balans - pH-Kalk 1 kg

pH-balans - pH-Kalk 1 kg
pH-balans - pH-Kalk 1 kg
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To feel good and live long and to optimize fat burning, it is very important that the body has the correct PH balance. By intake of PH-lime can regulate the PH balance to the right level in the body and then released fat much easier and you will be even with aching and stiff making acids from the body which leads to you improves health and increases resistance to infection and improves your the quality of life. What happens is that you raise the basic level and lowers the acid level. Base / acid balance is very difficult for most people to keep the so-called basifying diet such as cucumber, radish, fig and nettle why intake of PH-lime is necessary. Important to note is that only a glass of Coca-Cola creates so much acid in the body that need 32 glasses of water to restore balance.
This basic lime is mainly to avsyra body's excess acids / toxins, using calcium and magnesium. Although lactic acid during intensive training held in check ... Kalka before training!
Dosage: take 1 heaping teaspoon in one glass of water 2 times / day. A course of treatment should not be less than two months for best results.

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