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Brand: pH-balans Model: PH_TANDPLV
About the product pH balance tooth powder for daily brushing of teeth provides a completely natural cleansing of your mouth. Unlike traditional dental preparations containing this powder factory no chemical additives. It means you get a gentle maintenance of teeth and oral cavity .   ..
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Brand: pH-balans Model: BL_BERR 500
Our blueberry powder contains whole berries including pulp, grains and shells, which have been dried at room temperature to preserve all vital substances in the best possible way. About one-tenth remains of the berries after drying, so for every kilo of blueberry powder, ten kilos of fresh berries a..
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Brand: pH-balans Model: FLX_SE_OIL
The oil is to be compared with fish oil on the content of omega acids. It is even more alpha-linolenic acid (becomes Omega3 acids) in flaxseed oil - about 55%! of oil. Approximately 16% linoleic acid (becomes Omega6 acids) and oleic acid (becomes Omega9 acids) of about 10% and about 19% other fatty ..
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pH-Balans - Hydrogen peroxide pH-Balans - Hydrogen peroxide
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Brand: pH-balans Model: PH_VÄTE
About the product Hydrogen peroxide Spray 3%, hydrogen peroxide solution is prepared by medical 30% hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is diluted down to three per cent by using clean omvändosmosvatten. As stabilizers, we use organic phosphoric acid derivatives (unlike many others using phenacetin, a topi..
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Brand: pH-balans Model: PH_BADS
Five pieces basic deacidifying medicinal baths. Content. 92% soda ash - NaCO3 and 8% basic calcium / magnesium carbonate - CaMgCO3. Bathe in about ten minutes, then mix thoroughly in a deciliter of badsaltet. Lie then in another five minutes, get up and showering of the body / hair.   &..
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Brand: pH-balans Model: PH-KAL
To feel good and live long and to optimize fat burning, it is very important that the body has the correct PH balance. By intake of PH-lime can regulate the PH balance to the right level in the body and then released fat much easier and you will be even with aching and stiff making acids from the bo..
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Brand: pH-balans Model: ROSH_POWD
Contains beta-carotene, fiber, vitamin C, trace minerals flavonoids, provitamin A, potassium, calcium, magnesium, amino acids, carbohydrates, various omega acids (from the seeds as eg.'s Nuts. Rosehip's a so-called light fruit), etc. An coarse among flour man can call multi-nutrient - multi "prepara..
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Brand: pH-balans Model: BRN_NESS
This excellent multi-vitamin-mineral-vital topic plant is then urmindes times used in medicine and in the clothing shoe stone for its strong fibers - mainly in the stem / stalk. The basifying leaves with its silicon "hair" is mainly used to push excess uric acid, lactic acid and phosphoric acid from..
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Brand: pH-balans Model: PH_LACKM
Test out your own pH value with our PH-knit of litmus paper. pH litmus strips - 18 pc   The more hydrogen ions, the solution contains relative to the number of oxygen molecules, the lower (more acidic) pH. Because our cells constantly need oxygen can a low pH termed to have oxygen, whic..
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