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The ultimate coaching aid - The Supercoach Pro can be worn by fighters and trainers and always you to push yourselves in ways never before possible!

The Supercoach Pro is ultra lightweight and, because it is filled with air, it allows the wearer to take very hard shots feeling little to no impact of those shots. It is designed to withstand the most powerful of kicks, punches, knees and elbows and has been rigourously tested by some of the World's heaviest fighters with fantastic results.

The Superstrike Pro is designed for you to be able to train anywhere at anytime! This super lightweight 'punchbag' will fit to any standard door frame, suitable tree, fence post or pillar, enabling you to workout practically anywhere! It is developed from durable PVC material and is designed to withstand the strongest kick or punch.

Pump/inflation device sold separately. To prolong the life of your Supercoach Pro, use only boxing gloves and bare feet to strike the bag. Remove all jewellery to avoid risk of injury and puncture. Do not leave the Supercoach Pro in direct sunlight. The Supercoach Pro is an inflatable device. Therefore we advise you to be sensible when storing and striking the product to ensure the life of your training aid.

SuperCombat - Super Coach Pro
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Brand: Supercombat Model: SC_SUPCPRO
The 'Supercoach Pro' is an innovative coaching tool that will allow fighters to push themselves in a way that has never before been possible. The 'Supercoach' is worn on the torso by the coach/instructor/trainer in the same manner as a conventional belly pad. This however, is where any sim..
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SuperCombat - Super Strike Pro
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Brand: Supercombat Model: SC_SUPSTPRO
When a conventional 'heavy bag' is struck, all of the energy from the kick or punch is absorbed by the bag and the striking limb is brought to a brief halt. Often, this is a sudden and abrupt halt that places stress on the bones of the body where the strike occurs and the joints of that limb.&n..
Ex Tax:799kr
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