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Gainers & Carborates

A gainer consists of carbohydrates and protein and is used as a meal replacement before and after workouts for maximum recovery and muscle building. Or during the day for really quick weight gain.
A meal replacement is an easy way to consume high quality nutrition, whether you goal is to lose weight, or simply want to provide the body with high quality muscle building calories.

Brand: All American EFX Model: AAEFX_KARBF
KARBOLYN® Bio-Enginereered Carbohydrate 5 HIGH PERFORMANCE BENEFITS OF KARBOLYN   1.     Quickly fuels you with glycogen for optimum performance, endurance & recovery. 2.     "Carb load" in 1-2 hours - not seve..
Ex Tax:356kr
Brand: All American EFX Model: AAEFX_KARHY
WHAT IS KARBOLYN HYDRATE?Sugar-Free High-Performance Sports DrinkGlycogen Fuel Source + ElectrolytesGluten & Stimulant-FreeInvented By EFX Sports Scientist Dr. Jeff GoliniInformed Sport Certified, Banned-Substance FreeWHY USE KARBOLYN HYDRATE?Rehydrate & Re-Fuel Glycogen + ElectrolytesEnhanc..
Ex Tax:597kr
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