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All orders are binding. Note that you can not place an order without checking a box in the shopping cart where you agree that you have read and accepted all the information on this page. Any attempt at fraud will be prosecuted. All packages kontrollväges before delivery. We use only proven and secure payment options. If you order several times during the short time you have to bail out and pay your first order before sending the next.

Hours of Operation
Our store in Norrköping Open Mon-Fri 10.00-18.00, Sat 10:00 to 14:00
The web shop is open around the clock. We are on the phone 011-131068. Our general email is

All prices shown include VAT. We we reserve the right to change our prices
event of any change in VAT or other decisions that directly affect our pricing.

Payment Options
Delivery: If you choose to act contrary to COD COD fee of 49 SEK and 59 SEK Shipping on all orders over $ 500.
On orders over SEK 500 will only record fee of 49 SEK.
Credit Card / Paypal: Selects you to shop with a credit card through Paypal, you do not have additional costs such as freight charges. Follow the instructions and you will only be charged shipping for 59 SEK for purchases under $ 500 - on orders over $ 500 will be the order without any cost to you. Payment takes place over SSL server (secure).
Invoice: only for large established companies that are approved by our credit investigation, administration cost per invoice 19: -
Advance Payment: If advance payment will only be shipping about 59 kr for purchases under $ 500 - on orders over $ 500 will be the order without any cost to you.

Shipping Rates
For orders under $ 500 shipping is only 59 €. For orders over $ 500 is free shipping!

Other charges
Companies with 14 days after the invoice approved credit 19: - Delivery Fee 49: -

Your order will be packaged and shipped within 24 hours, and this applies to all stocks. Orders with backordered product is dispatched when all items are in stock. Letters and parcels up to 2 kg are delivered within 1-2 days, parcel above 2 kg delivered within 2-3 days. If you order before 16:00 shipped your order is normally the next day. This means that if you wish to cancel an order must be made no later than 16.00 on the day you place the order. Delivery by Post (at cash on delivery) and the rest via DHL (delivery to the door). When it leaves our warehouse, answers the mail, DHL, Bussgods or other transport company for delivery. We are not liable for any delays or damage caused by these or distribution points.

Order confirmation
When Your order is received, we will send you a confirmation e-mail. Please always check your order confirmation that everything is correct, it would be any questions, please contact us immediately. Save the order confirmation to have on hand in case of contact with us then it's good if you have customer number / order number recorded. Always check the contents of the package and see that it is consistent with the order confirmation.

Unclaimed items
Unclaimed items will be charged with a minimum of 299 dollars. All orders are logged and IP address registered to avoid our services abused. We reserve the right to charge you the cost of return shipping, handling fees, etc. Any attempt at fraud will be prosecuted.

The age limit for postorderköp is 18. Are you under 18 need a guardian's signature. However, we have no automated system Eliminating purchases by minors, but would cause problems with this are still 14 days. Contact us so we can make the repurchase of the order, and barring the minor's account with us.

Incorrect information
We reserve the right to retroactively correct prices, texts on our website, in catalogs, on products or in other appropriate media. We reserve against price adjustments (such as changes in prices from our suppliers, currency fluctuations), changes in inventories and possible. technical errors in the web shop, browser or server.

We often have offers in newspapers and in e-mail. Special prices of such offers, of course, only those who have taken advantage of this offer and to order stating this.

Want to make a cancellation of an order must be received before 16.00 and shall be conducted by telephone.

Return Warranty
Want to return an item, it must be done within 10 days after you have solved it. Return warranty is only unopened. If returns you pay shipping yourself. Maxi Elit does not take back items that are returned by mail. You can choose to either get another product in exchange or a refund.

We are obviously very keen that the failure of our goods and deliveries are avoided but sometimes it can still happen. Please notify us immediately if you notice something wrong, depending on the nature of the damage (damage to the product is affected by transport or not), then we determine whether you are entitled to a new similar product or notification shall be made to the responsible carrier, which in turn responsible for compensation to You. Causes approved for complaint may be:
Picking errors: If the wrong product is sent from us, we send out the right product and the defective product must be returned to us promptly - Product not available; After checking sent the missing item out to you - broken / defective, we send out a new product after we have received all the defective product. Expired date: Specify when the product has expired, and we do our assessment accordingly.

Through your registration and ordering, you agree to Maxi Elit store and use information about your purchases as well as the contact information you provide, which in turn is used to enable us to fulfill our commitment to you, and better able to satisfy your needs as a customer and provide you with better service . We treat your personal information with the utmost care and ensures that your customer data is only used by Maxi Elit. We will not, without your consent, to pass on information about you unless it follows the law or if we believe it necessary to protect and defend the rights or property of Maxi Elit.

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