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Maxi Elite is a supplement company which has existed since 1986 and stands for quality, knowledge and gives our customers quality products at low prices and quick delivery. We are the oldest sports supplement company in Sweden with over 30 years experience and knowledge in the industry and we only sell quality products as well as doping tested products (accredited lab) that follow WADA's standards. When using our EFX series you can be 100% sure that you pass a doping test. This is one of the reasons why the world stars in different sports are using these produler and feel safe.

We were the first in Sweden to launch creatine monohydrate, Tribulus terrestris ( first in Western Europe), BCAA, NO, etc., in the early 90s. Kre Alkalyn (100% stable creatine) and Nytric EFX (NO) We were big proponents of amino acids long before everyone else. We are now launching HERBULL (Maxi Elit product) across the world, which is now probably the world's best product. Health has for us always been in first place. Without good health, you can not perform well, so it's foundation.

Can there be a difference between dietary supplements and dietary supplements? Absolutely, and there can be big differences. For optimal effect  you need to start with  high quality raw materials. Then peel, use a technology called PH control transportation systems. It ensures that what you put in you is not destroyed so much of stomach acid and comes to all the right places in the body (eg muscles). In addition to that do toxicological testing before a new product is released on the market. So the big difference between EFX series and other similar products on the market is absorption. EFX series is taken up 2-5 times better than moste other supplements. It costs a bit more but gives back much more.

Our long experience shows that you can not reach the optimal level of your own ability in sports without using sport supplements. When you train every day and many times twice a day, you can not recover optimally and repair microscopic damages if you do not use supplements. Supplements can never replace the food (which is the base), but supplements ensures that you can perform significantly better than without supplements.

If you really want Top of the Line then you should choose products from Maxi Elit.

Zoran Maksic which owns and operates the Maxi Elite was a successful athlete, who has since 1986 been engaged as a mentor, advisor and coach for many successful athletes.

Bachelor of Physical Education
Graduated football coach
Health therapist
Swedish president of the National Bodybuilding Association Scandinavia
Swedish president of the World Fitness Federation Scandinavia
international judges

Maxi elite athletes
These athletes are some of the Maxi Elite Team that has been  helped to achieve maximum performance and be heroes in the sports world by Zoran.


Natasa Janic, Hungary, Canoe (Team Maxi Elit since 2003)  Olympic Gold 3 times, silver 2 times, 1 bronz. WC 20 times, 6 silver, 9 bronz.  EC 18 gold, 4 silver, 2 bronz
Katalin Kovacs, Hungary, Canoe (Team Maxi Elit 2003-2013), Olympic Gold 3 times, silver 5 times.  WC 30 times, 7 silver, 3 bronz. EC 29 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronz
Tommy Karls, Sweden, Canoeing, Olympic 2a, World Championship 2nd & 3rd
Stjepan Janic and Mico Janic, YU Champion / Croatia Champion,  WC second K2
Play Ponomarenko, Slovenia, Canoe, WC 2nd & 3rd, EC 3rd
Balint Kopasz, Hungary, Jr. World Champion, European Championships 3rd place 2016


Mattias Sunneborn, Sweden, Athletics, EC, NC, SC (Team Maxi Elit 2010-2013) During this period, Mattias broke two world records,  and became three times world champion for veterans. TOTAL 8 World Championships Gold !!! He also set about 40 personal records !!!
Khaled Azerkan, SC 800m
Mattias Sundin, SC 400m
Alexander Milic, SC Man 22 (200m national team)
Hässelby IF

Bodybuilding - Fitness - Powerlifting
Alexandra Johansson, Sweden, Fitness Universe Overall Bikini 2016 (WFF), Bikini PRO.
Jaroslav Horvath, Slovakia, bodybuilding, IFBB Pro World Championship 3 times, Mr Olympia competitor.
Igor Kočiš, Slovakia, bodybuilding, World Champion 6 times.
Natalia Lenartova, Slovakia, Fitness, IFBB Pro World Champion
Eduardo Kawak, bodybuilding, World Champion, Mr. Universe
Maria Kuzmina, wood ind figure NABBA World Champion and the Universe Overal winner
Daria Diossi, WFF and NABBA World Champion and the Universe Overal Champion
Alexander Sasi, Slovakia, bodybuilding World Champion 2 times
January Kus, Slovakia, bodybuilding, EC 2nd, WC 2nd
Milan Rolinec, Slovakian Champion, bodybuilding
Petar Celik, Yugoslavia / Serbia, bodybuilding World Champion 10gg
Renato Somenzi, bodybuilding SC, NC, WC
Johnny Grape, bodybuilding, SC, NC, EC 3a, 4a och6a
Mikael Andersson, bodybuilding, SC 15 times
Lance Gille, bodybuilding, SC, NC, EC 2nd 
Tomas Lundmark, bodybuilding, SM
Daniel Johansson, Bodybuilding, SC
Michael Rundqvist NC 2nd, WFF Universe 5th
Anna Nilsson, bodybuilding, SC
Conny Uldin, bodybuilding, SC, NC, EC 5th, Powerlifting, SC 4 times, EC 2nd
Anders Janson, SC powerlifting
Fredrik Backlund, SC powerlifting

Mohammad Babulfath, SC
Robert Rosengren, Sweden, SC, NC
Sofia Mattsson, Sweden, Swedish Champion (SC), WC,
Eddie Svensson, SC, EC Submission Wrestling

Swedish national team weight lifting 
Anders Bergstrom, over 30 Swedish Championship gold, several gold at  NC
Rickard Nilsson, approximately 35 SwedishChampion gold, several gold at NM
Bijan Rezai, SC 4 times, Asian champion 9 times
Anders Lindsjö, SC
Arne Larsson, SC, NC
Ermin Javor, SC 3x, NC, WC
Angelica Roos, Sweden, multiple SC & NC
Bulgarian national team 
Norrköpings AK

Ann Jang, Sweden, SC (mountain bike) 6 times
Niklas Andersson, Sweden, SC (mountain bike), SM cross country
Mikael Nilsson, Sweden, SC
Jesper Dahlstrom, Sweden, Bicycle, U23 national team
Jana Hrmova, Slovak national team

Joel Eriksson, Sweden, SC 4 times, 3 silver, 1 bronz.  World Championship 2nd as Team.
Daniel Friberg, Sweden, EC 3rd, World Champion 2nd as Team
Pauline Wallin, Sweden, SC skate team
Andreas Larsson, Coach, World Champion 2nd as team

Sven Åke Svensson, Sweden, National Team, Tennis, SC, NC, WC Masters
Deny Stanojevic, the Junior National Team, EC 3rd

Gorge Scott, Sweden, SC 5 times, Olympic silver. PRO World Champion
Christer Corpi, SC 5 times, NC 2 times

Dolphins, SC

Brynäs SC 93 with coach Tommy Sandlin
White Horse, Torgny Bendelin
Sune Bergman, Coach, SC

Samir Aknouche, SC 2 times, NC 4 times,
Toigye Taekwondo Club, Malmo, multiple SC

Norrköping Futsal Club, Allvenskan

SC=Swedish Champion,  NC=Nordic Champion, EC=European Champion, WC=World Champion, OC=Olympic Games Champion

Welcome to Maxi Elit!

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