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pH balance-Tooth Powder

About the product
pH balance tooth powder for daily brushing of teeth provides a completely natural cleansing of your mouth. Unlike traditional dental preparations containing this powder factory no chemical additives. It means you get a gentle maintenance of teeth and oral cavity .
Product Features
Mouth feel the best if we allow it to be cleaned with natural preparations. Our contribution to a more natural oral care , this pH tooth powder. The  natural salt in the product supply kalciumflorid . We use also no chemical factory sulfur additives that foams , which means that the powder does not grow in the mouth. Nor have we added some substances that remove the protective mucous membrane surrounding the teeth. A cleaner brushing , thus !
You do not have to worry if you accidentally swallow the powder during brushing . An accidental ingestion is not harmful to you .
Tooth powder , use just like any ordinary toothpaste anywhere. you Wet first toothbrush under running water. Then brush your teeth. You can advantageously use an electric toothbrush with rotating bristles, but a regular brush works just as well . Even children can use the powder.
70 % natural kalcium-/magnesiumkarbonat , 29% berg-/havssalt from Iceland, 1% pumice from Icelandic volcanoes, a few drops of peppermint essential oil.
When you brush your teeth , you should take the opportunity to look at how your tongue looks. It should be slightly pink , and have no colored coating in the form of bakerier , fungi , etc. Make it a habit to brush your tongue also , so hold a fresh hygiene in the mouth. Should you suffer from bleeding gums, so
We recommend that you treat this with 3% hydrogen peroxide spray .

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