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MaxiElit - NAD + Resveratrol 60 caps

MaxiElit - NAD + Resveratrol 60 caps
MaxiElit - NAD + Resveratrol 60 caps
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MaxiElit - NAD + Resveratrol 60 caps
MaxiElit - NAD + Resveratrol 60 caps
MaxiElit - NAD + Resveratrol 60 caps
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NAD + with Resveratrol 800mg

NAD+ is a dietary supplement that has become extremely popular recently, and is one of the most studied supplements. Nicotinamide riboside is a form of vitamin B3 that promotes the levels of NAD+ in the body. NAD+ is a coenzyme found in all cells and which participates in the body's oxidation and repair process. It is also important for the body's energy production to function normally.
As we age, our levels of NAD+ drop, causing many to experience less energy and motivation to perform various everyday tasks. This is a coenzyme that participates in metabolism. NAD+ has central roles in cell metabolism and energy production. Contains Nicotinamide Riboside which is easily converted to NAD+ in the body. Over the years, NAD levels decrease. By taking NAD+, we double the levels of NAD as when we were 20 years old. Without NAD, Sirtuins do not function. Sirtuin activity is linked to metabolic control, apoptosis, cell survival, development, inflammation and healthy aging. They act as sensors of energy and redox status in cells; they modulate the activity of important metabolic enzymes as well as regulate transcription of metabolic genes.

Contributes and supports

- For more energy
- Reduced fatigue
- Mental health
- Anti aging
- Cell regenerator
- Cognitive functions
- The serotonin
- Anti inflammatory
- The normal functioning of the nervous system

NAD+ with Resveratrol is a dietary supplement that combines advanced nutrients to promote well-being at the cellular level. It contains a powerful combination of nicotinamide ribose and resveratrol to provide comprehensive support to the body's cells There are two other forms: nicotinamide and nicotinic acid. But nicotinamide riboside (NR) is the most effective form that is best converted to NAD+ in the body.

Many may wonder what the plus (+) stands for, but it simply means that the molecule is positively charged. There is a mirror image of NAD+ called NADH, it has a hydrogen atom (H) attached to it and is neutral. They basically do the same thing, but with their different charge they do "opposite" things, much like two sides of the same coin. People mostly talk about NAD+ in the health industry and NADH in chemistry. Well, both are equally important.
Furthermore, a study published in Nature Communications showed that when all three forms of vitamin B3, niacin, nicotinamide and NR were tested, NR was the most effective at increasing NAD+ levels. The other forms lead to this as well but have their own properties that are necessary for the body.

What is Resveratrol?

The substance resveratrol belongs to the group of plant polyphenols which are found, among other things, in the skin of red grapes, in the cocoa bean and in some berries and nuts. Polyphenols are naturally formed by plants and act in the same way as an antioxidant; they are a protection for the plants against, among other things, fungi, bacteria and other invaders that can damage the plant. The plant parkslide (Fallopia japonica) originates from East Asia and is a plant rich in these polyphenols and is therefore a healthy herb and a grateful source of resveratrol.

Resveratrol is a talked about substance and the likely reason for the so-called "French paradox". The "French paradox" is a study that was done in the 90s based on the diet of the French. Despite their high intake of saturated fat from cheese and cured meats, they had relatively good cardiovascular health, which was thought to be due to their intake of red wine, which contains resveratrol from grape skins.

In a glass of red wine 3.3 dl there is 0.03-1.07 mg Resveratrol and in white wine 0.01-0.27 mg Resveratrol. Then you understand how many glasses of wine 300 mg Resveratrol corresponds to.

Resveratrol as a natural antioxidant

In our body, antioxidants act as counterpoints to the free radicals that can be negative for our health. If we live unhealthily, the presence of antioxidants in our body decreases. It can be when, for example, smoking, sunbathing or when you eat heavily processed or burnt food. Then it is especially important to get fruit and vegetables or a supplement with antioxidant properties

NAD+ and exercise

NAD+ can help reduce the damage caused by exercise and promote faster recovery. Even in sports that require short bursts of intense activity rather than endurance, such as weightlifting, powerlifting and sprinting, NAD+ can help athletes recover faster between sets and perform better overall.

Does NAD+ help build muscle?

Of course, NAD+ is an important player in skeletal muscle development, regeneration, aging and disease. The vast majority of studies indicate that lower NAD+ levels are detrimental to muscle health and higher NAD+ levels enhance muscle health

How much Resveratrol should I take?

Recommended dosage is 100 - 500 mg per day.

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