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AAEFX - VItadrive 29 Vitamins-minerals

AAEFX - VItadrive   29 Vitamins-minerals
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AAEFX - VItadrive 29 Vitamins-minerals
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I WILL Beat My
Best Performance
  Here’s why VitaDrive™ is formulated to win!™

> Specifically Formulated For Serious Athletes
> Quick-Release Capsules Provide Faster Nutrient Delivery (No Hard-Pressed Tablets To Digest)
> Energy Boosting B Vitamins
> Powerful Complex of Vitamins, Minerals, Micronutrients & Antioxidants
> Tested Banned-Substance Free & Pure

VitaDrive™ is designed for athletes only

The current Daily Values (DV) for vitamins and minerals are great…that is, for your Grandma! But you, as a serious athlete, are anything but ‘typical’. That’s why our formulator built VitaDrive™ with YOU in mind. It’s heavily focused on the critical B vitamins athletes need to perform at their best. The rest of its ingredients fall within key proportions and ratios that enhances the overall effectiveness of the complete formula. Synergy is the key our chemists were after in this bad boy.


Extreme potency & quality

How can we say VitaDrive™ is the most potent multi-vitamin formula of its kind? It all comes down to the exact science (and art) of processing the raw ingredients. Heat and moisture can literally destroy vitamins and minerals, rendering them as weak as a newborn kitten! Once it gets inside…look out, your formula can easily go rancid. That’s why we use specially built encapsulation rooms precisely cooled between 67-69 degrees Fahrenheit at all times. Even the humidity is controlled at just 15-20%.

But don’t take our word for it. Does your formula pass this simple smell test? One of the tell-tale signs of bad quality and low potency is when you open the lid and the smell knocks your freaking head back! But not with VitaDrive™. Open its lid, and take a quick whiff. What do you smell? Virtually NOTHING! That alone should prove how purity equals potency. By the way, the raw materials in VitaDrive™ are domestically (US) sourced and guaranteed to be 98%+ pure at a bare minimum.

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Johan L 25/10/2023

Kanonprodukt, rekommonderas starkt!

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