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AAEFX - Freak Maker Shock PWO 510g

AAEFX - Freak Maker Shock PWO 510g
AAEFX - Freak Maker Shock PWO 510g
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All American EFX Freak Maker Shock has finally manifested after years of painstaking research and testing. It contains a meticulously engineered matrix of maximally synergistic performance-enhancing compounds that has been formulated to: ignite muscle growth, radically increase power output, maximize focus/concentration and super-charge your energy and stamina. 

  • Ignite muscle growth
  • Radically increase power output
  • Maximize focus/concentration
Within just minutes after consuming your very first (one scoop) serving you will begin to feel the freakish effects of SHOCK, and experience a level of tunnel vision and drive you have never known before. No matter if you’re in the gym or on the field. You will train like an unchained beast:
  • Pushing heavier weights,
  • Blasting through plateaus,
  • Crushing your PR’s
  • Achieving muscle pumps that will threaten to split your skin!
In order to get huge or blow past your competition you cannot just whisper at your muscles – no, you must shock them! And nothing will get your mind, body and spirit more fired up to do just that than Freakmaker SHOCK! Why Freak Maker BUILD? Because athletes do the real building after their workouts are done. While how you train might begin the process, it’s how you refuel and replenish post-training that helps you recover and repair. Scientifically engineered and nutrient dense, Freak BUILD combines key compounds with 6 quality protein sources – including patent-pending ProtaLyn. Paired with Karbolyn (fast-absorbing relatively complex carbohydrate), Kre- Alkalyn (stable, pH-Correct creatine) and Medium Chain Triglycerides, you’ll give your body what it needs to rev up anabolic processes and get the most out of your post workout nutrition.
Product content Bioperine® (black pepper extract) 1 mg Grapefruit Extract 5 mg Theophylline 50 mg Caffeine 300 mg L-Arginine AKG 500 mg Kre-Alkalyn® 2500 mg (Buffered Creatine US Patent 6,399,661) KarboLyn® 5000 mg (homopolysaccharide derived from corn, potato, rice) Sustamine® 50 mg (L Glutamine/L Alanine dipeptides) Theobromine 200 mg (Enzymatic & Buffered Tyrosine) n-Acetyl-Tyrosine 250 mg Amino ERP (TM) Tyrosine 1000 mg Beta Alanine /Carnosyn® 1000 mg Sodium (as sodium chloride) 20 mg Calcium 200 mg (as calcium carbonate)
Servings per container 30
Amir 01/07/2019

Fick en provpåse med mina andra varor. Vilken produkt. Först tränade jag MMA i två timmar och sedan styrketräning och endå hade jag energi kvar. Det slår allt annat jag har provat. Den bästa PWO utan konkurrens.

Fredrik 22/11/2016

Grym PWO som jag använder innan mina intervall pass och tävlingar,
man blir grymt taggad på att ta i och den ger även bra focus.
Kan varmt rekommendera denna produkt!
Fredrik tävlande i elitklassen på Mtb
..................................ENGLISH:: Power product that I use before my interval workouts and competitions, I become “loaded” to perform and it also provides good focus. Would highly recommend this product! Fredrik. Mountain bike Elite class

Johan 10/06/2015

PWON levererade men saknar det riktiga fokuset man fick av förra K-Otic, men jag är nöjd. Började med 3/4 skopa men är uppe i en hel nu,bra energi och styrka!

Sven Åke 10/06/2015

Jag har inte förlorat en match på över två år. Jag har lika mycket energi och fokus hela matchen. Jag kan inte förstå att det kan vara så bra.

Tomas 10/06/2015

Som gymägare har man provat många PWO, men enligt mig är Freak Maker shock den bästa av dom alla, på alla sätt.

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