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AAEFX - Nytric EFX 180

AAEFX - Nytric EFX 180
AAEFX - Nytric EFX 180
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NYTRIC EFX ™ the biggest breakthrough since creatine

Now you no longer need to leave your pumped muscles at the gym, thanks to the new patented PH and CONTROLLED DELIVERY SYSTEM. 

Nytric EFX ™ increases the blood supply to the muscles (does not raise blood pressure), the effect of which is consequently that Nytric EFX ™ 

gives you pumped muscles that consist. It is the excretion and transport technology that makes Nytric EFX ™ undupable. That's why Nytric EFX ™ 

stands alone in the new revolutionary category of nitric oxide stimulants produced.

Nitrogen oxide is a gas in the body that "pulses" and needs to be stimulated all the time so we have a build up (anabolic effect). 

Negative nitrogen level is degrading (catabol).

Nytric EFX ensures that the body is in a build-up (anabolic phase) for at least six hours, unlike the standard L-Arginine whose effect 

is only three hours. This includes makes Nytric EFX completely superior to the other products on the market. 

Thanks to the pH Controlled Sustained Delivery System, whose effect is also to protect L-Arginine in the stomach so that the uptake of 

L-Arginine becomes optimal.


Thanks to the patented pH controlled sustained delivery system / secretion system (US Patent No. 6,399,661), you have 100% uptake and 

transport of l-arginine AKG (1312 mg / tablet) and the effect is on the whole day.

Nytric EFX ™ is the most efficient nitrogen oxide stimulator on the market!

        -Contains L-Arginine Alpha Ketogutarate

        -The effect is at least 6 hours.

        -Increased muscle growth, strength and endurance

        -Increased creatine effect by 15-30%.

        -No upload

        -The recovery time decreases and endurance increases

        -Increased training capacity and longer workouts

        -Elevated lactic acid threshold

        -Burns fat more effectively

        -Increased sexual vigor

Nytric EFX ™ - the biggest breakthrough since creatine

It is the excretion and transport technology that makes Nytric EFX ™ undupable. That's why Nytric EFX ™ stands alone in the new revolutionary 

category of nitric oxide generators produced. Thanks to the patented "pharmaceutical pH controlled sustained delivery system" 

(US Patent No. 6,399,661), you have 100% uptake and transport of L-Arginine AKG (1000 mg / tablet), and the effect is on the whole day. 

It's more than just the best-selling product of today, it's the biggest breakthrough ever! Nytric EFX uses the same patented technology as 

Kre-Alkalyn and was developed by Jeff Golini, the man behind All American Pharmaceuticals. What many people have misunderstood with the 

nitric oxide stimulation is that they think the pump is the primary one. It is wrong, but the primary is how long you can maintain positive 

nitrogen level (anabolic level). This is where the big difference exists between the original Nytric EFX and other similar copies. 

While the Nytric EFX effect lasted for at least six hours, the other products only work for a few hours.

Storage: Store the jar in a cool, closed and dry place.

Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. This is a dietary supplement and does not use as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet. Persons under 18 years of age should not take supplements, nor pregnant or nursing. People suffering from any disease and / or medication should consult a physician before consumption. Keep out of reach of children. Time intake should not be exceeded

End the use if you know any bi effects.

* This product is not for treating, preventing or curing any diseases.

Servings NYTRIC EFX 180 tablets Nutrition Factsl: Serving Size: 3 tablets Nytric EFX * 3937 mg (Arginine alpha-ketoglutarate, d-glucitol, L-citruline) * Daily Value not established Other ingredients: microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide and calcium phosphate. Directions: 2- 3 tablets 30 min before training on relatively empty stomach. Most important to take before training if you take Nytric EFX only once. Smooth out the portions over the day. To maximize the results, drink at least 1.8L of water per day as well as a large glass water before exercise and take the tablets on an empty stomach about 30-40min exercise. Do not use supplements that has diuretics properties in conjunction with Nytric EFX
Mikael N 25/05/2020

Började med Herbull den 17 april
Bänkpress från 187,5 - 200 (205 men inte någonting).
17 april dödade jag 185 men släppte greppet
Deadlift från 185 - 225 kg på sex dagar.
Idag dödade jag 225 kg utan remmar.

Hade 187,5 kg i bänk innan jag började med Herbullerbull.
Idag gjorde jag 2x190kg, 1x195kg och 1x200kg
Tack vare ört är jag 30 kg över den svenska rekorden i bänkpress
Mikael Nilsson, Falkenberg

Dr Cizek 21/06/2019

Mina tre kvinnliga styrkelyftare slog person rekord bara efter tre veckor med Nytric. Resultaten talar för sig själva.
Milan Cizek, PhD, DVM, Slovakiens landslags tränare.

Jimmy 21/06/2019

Hej, jag vill tacka för en fantastisk produkt Nytric EFX. Jag ökade så mycket i styrka under första två månader att det var svårt att välja rätta vikter varje träning. Jag har berättat för flera av mina vänner och dom har fått liknande resultat. Vi pratar om 30-40 kg ökning i knäböj och 28kg till 36kg i hantel curl. Jag ökade hela 6 kg muskelmassa på 4 månader och ingen fett ökning. Nu har jag gjort tre veckors uppehåll och min styrka och vikt är oförändrad. Pumpen är fortfarande fantastisk. Tack en gång till för denna produkt. Jimmy Hellström

Andreas Enström 21/06/2019

Jag har använt Nytric under två månader, och under den perioden har jag slagit flera person rekord. Jag har förbättrat alla mina resultat under denna korta period vilket är inte normalt. Resultaten märktes redan efter två veckor. Mina muskler är hårda som sten nu. Jag tog tre silvermedaljer på SM för seniorer och jag är fortfarande junior. Våran klubb Norrköpings AK tog nio medaljer av 15 möjliga. Andreas Enström, Svensk junior mästare och 2:a på Nordiska mästerskapet.

Natasa Douchev Janic 21/06/2019

I have been using Nytric since 2003 and since then I'm three times Olympic Champion, World Champion and European Champion. This product is absolutely MUST for athletes who wants results. Nytric was always important part of my training and competition. Nytric gave good energy, performance and recovery. If you are serious about getting grate result choose Nytric.

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