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Body Attack - Lipo 100 60 caps

Body Attack - Lipo 100 60 caps
Body Attack - Lipo 100 60 caps
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How can I lose weight quickly and at the same time achieve positive effects in muscle definition? For more than ten years the answer has been: LIPO 100! The innovative caps are your perfect partner to lose weight healthily in harmony with a balanced diet and a calorie deficit. Get your diet going at full speed thanks to the bioactive substance piperine from black pepper. Valuable B vitamins (niacin & biotin) as well as the caffeine kick from guarana and green tea extract allow you to keep exercising longer. The effect: Your metabolism is prevented from switching to the back burner and continues to burn calories. Shed the kilos, lose your weight and crank up your body's own fat burning together with your individual workout to the maximum. LIPO 100 is the ideal support to lose weight effectively.

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