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Medievil - Warfare 0.25 kg

Medievil - Warfare 0.25 kg
Medievil - Warfare 0.25 kg
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Award-winning High Advanced Formula - Increased mental focus - Increased endurance - Maximum pump

Medi-Evil Nutrition Warfare® is an award-winning, hard-hitting advanced pre-workout formula designed to help power through the most intense workouts. Warfare® contains the active ingredients of the highest quality in an innovative matrix that makes it a unique matrix.

Warfare® is considered by many to be the best pre-workout on the market. It delivers huge levels of powerful ingredients such as arginine AKG, beta-alanine and beetroot extract in its market-leading blend. It mixes easily with water and is available in a variety of delicious flavors. Blue raspberry, Cherry Cola. Coming soon: watermelon, blue bubble, red apple and mixed fruits.

Who can use Warfare?

Warfare® is designed to increase athletic performance, nutrition, pump and recovery regardless of your sport and ability. Warfare pre-workout may be the strongest pre-workout and most effective pre-workout but our warfare comes without the nasty crash. Most other strong pre-workout products give a very short effect with often a bad come down to follow, Warfare is different. The milder stimulating effects of Warfare® before training in combination with the performance-based micro-ingredients allow the user to experience a prolonged use of the product for training sessions and training sessions that last for more than two hours. Whether you are a cyclist, runner, crossfit athlete or heavyweight trainer and bodybuilder, Warfare® is the supplement for you. What we have learned in recent years is that the strongest pre-workout is not necessarily the best because the strongest pre-workout products often have negative physical effects such as vasoconstriction, which inhibits performance and recovery. What sets Warfare® above the competition is the attention to detail with the wording and its suitability for all athletes. That's why Warfare® won the Product of the Year 2018 award. It is one of the best pre-workout products currently available anywhere.

Suitable for drug-tested athletes:

Warfare® and all other Medi-Evil Nutrition products are designed for all athletes and especially those undergoing drug testing including military personnel. Each product is formulated with regard to each ingredient that is either banned or is a focus ingredient in the WADA database to ensure that we produce the best legal product before training as possible. Unfortunately, our industry is saturated with illegal products before training, which means we have to work harder to ensure that our consumers have peace of mind when using our products. Warning: Because rules may differ for each union, we recommend that you check it before using any add-on.

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