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MaxiElit - Herbull Power 180 Kapslar

MaxiElit - Herbull Power 180 Kapslar
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MaxiElit - Herbull Power 180 Kapslar
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A health and training product that makes success everywhere. Gives Extreme power!

For serious people!

This product is in capsule form and in powder form it's called  Herbo Repairicum GI-4. This is exactly the same products.

A healthy lifestyle is most important to contribute to good health. By quitting smoking, exercising regularly and reducing stress, one reduces the negative effects on the body.

* Muscle building through training

* Increase muscle volume

* Improves muscle definition

* Increase strength and recovery

* Natural side effect free testosterone

* More energy and well-being

* More vitality

* More mobility

* Lust enhancement for both sexes

* More energy in the morning

* D-tox


Testosterone is a male sex hormone that even woman has, but much les. Testosterone is known to play an important role in building muscle and strength gains through training. Testosterone stimulates the production of muscle protein while preventing muscle breakdown (catabolism). These two processes are what determine whether you build muscle mass or not. Whenever testosterone levels rise, recovery ability improves and when recovery ability improves, more gains are made. Because more gains are made, more success is achieved and testosterone levels rise, and so on as the cycle continues. When DHT is out of balance it negatively affects hair growth and the prostate. Elevated estrogen in men can lead to poorer fat reduction, which means you can put on fat more easily and it is more difficult to lose it.  You can keep your body in balance through good nutrition and exercise.

Janik Velgos, Slovaki, has done 14 World Records in 14 months in powerlifting!!!!  

Zink and Vitamin B6 contributes to normal:

-  testosterone in the blood
-  protein synthesis
-  fertility and reproduction
-  function of the immune system
- Reduce fatigue and exhaustion
- synthesis of DNA
- Acid-base metabolism
- carbohydrate and micronutrient metabolism
- cognitive function
- metabolism of fatty acids
- skin, hair, nails and vision
- protect cells against oxidation stress
- function of red blood cells
- regulate hormone activity

*These statements have been scientifically proven by the EuropeanFood Safety Authority (EFSA) and authorized by the European Commission (EC)

Information: Storage: Keep closed  in a cool dry area.
This is a food supplement and should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Keep out of reach of small children. Consider the importance of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. This product is intended for healthy people over 18 years. If you are pregnant, lactating, suffering from sickness or under medical treatment, you should always consult a doctor before using the product.


Q & A: Herbull® Power Extreme [Herborepairicum® GI-4™]

Q: Do I have to take Herbull® on an empty stomach?
A: YES, this is crucial. Taking Herbull® on an empty stomach is essential to gain optimal results. Herbull® is very sensitive to disturbances that can occur if you mix Herbull® with food or any drink other than water. The specific frequency that exists between the herbs, minerals and vitamins can drastically deteriorate if you mix Herbull® with anything else. Plese avoid alcohol.
Q: What is meant by an empty stomach?
A: An empty stomach means at least two hours after eating (and at least 1 hour before eating again). In some cases even two and a half hours after eating is better, depending on what you have eaten. Also it is extremely important not to drink anything except water for at least one hour after you have taken Herbull®, including foods in liquid form such as protein drinks, carbohydrate drinks, liquid aminos, carbonated beverages, coffee, etc. If you mix Herbull® with anything except water, the effects can be completely neutralized.
Q: How important is it to follow the Herbull® Power Extreme directions exactly?
A: It is very important to follow the directions carefully. Note: You will not get good results if you do not follow the directions as closely as possible. When you take Herbull® three times per day evenly spread out (2 capsules every 7-8 hours) you will get 100% effect for 24 hours per day. If you take it only two times you will get less effect.
Q: Which is the best way to take Herbull® during the day?
A: On non training days: If possible, start the day by taking Herbull® one hour before breakfast. Some people take Herbull® one hour before they get up in the morning. If this does not suit your daily schedule, wait at least 2 hours after eating breakfast before taking Herbull®. The second time could be three to four hours after lunch and third time before bedtime. For example: 1st dose 06:00, Breakfast 07:00, Lunch 12:00, 2nd dose 15:00, Dinner 18:00, 3rd 22:00.
On training day: 2 capsules in the morning and 4 capsules one hour before training. Taking 1-2 more capsules in the evening is optional.
Q: But what if I want to take my protein drink before bedtime?
A: This is not a problem if you take Herbull® on an empty stomach (at least 2 hours after eating) and at least one hour before taking your protein drink. Also if you want to take your protein drink and other supplements before training do so 15-20 minutes before, take Herbull®  70 min before you start training. Be sure to drink only water during the training.
Q: Can I drink alcohol?
A: If possible avoid alcohol completely during the period you are taking Herbull®. If you take a glass of beer or wine with dinner occasionally there should be no adverse effect. However, if you drink a lot of alcohol the effects from Herbull® will decrease drastically or be completely lost when you have a lot of alcohol in your body.
Q: For how long do I need to take Herbull® Power Extreme?
A: Herbull® is for long-term-success, even if many people see results first week. Generally results will improve every week. Depending on your goals, you may want to continue for several months or indefinitely.
Q: How long before I begin to see results from using Herbull® Power Extreme?
A: With new directions where you take Herbull one hour before training many people feel more energetic and stronger right away. The longer you take Herbull® the better results you will have. The more you push your self the better will results be. It’s also important to take care of your nutrition and sleep.
Q: What sort of results can I expect to see from using Herbull® Power Extreme?
A: Increases in strength, muscle mass, testosterone and a decrease in fat mass have been recorded in over 95% of all test subjects. Various other results are being reported by users like less muscle soreness and faster recovery. Competitive Power Lifters report significant results in strength gain.
Q: How significant will these results be from using Herbull® Power Extreme?
A: Everyone is different so results vary from person to person, depending on metabolism and training levels. If the dosing directions are followed exactly and you exercise hard, you can expect significant success. Competitive athletes report very significant results.
Q: How will I see the results from using Herbull® Power Extreme?
A: Strength results are best measured by recording weights and reps or similar measurements both before starting Herbull® and after1, 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks and by comparing ongoing increases. Both lean (muscle) mass and fat mass should be measured and recorded before starting Herbull® and again after 1,2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks and ongoing to compare any changes. The best way to actually see testosterone results is to have a blood sample taken before starting on Herbull® and another sample taken after 4 or 8 weeks to compare blood-serum testosterone levels. (Note: do not use saliva sample testing, this method is proven unreliable and can give false readings).
Q: How important is training in achieving results when taking Herbull® Power Extreme?
A: The harder the training, the better the results (with sufficient recovery time).
Q: Do I need to cycle on and off Herbull® Power Extreme?
A: No, you can cycle if you prefer but there is no need to, Herbull® is an all natural herbal product and contains nothing the body needs to ‘take a break from’.

Study of the Effects of Herborepairicum® GI-4™ and Placebo

The aim of the study was to measure effects Herborepairicum® GI-4™ had on strength, muscle growth, fat reduction and testosterone levels relative to Placebo during a supervised programme of intensive training. After nine weeks the results showed a significant difference in favour of Herborepairicum® GI-4™.


Dr. Dušan Nalčić, Dr. Aleksandra Branković and their team carried out various tests with twenty five subjects (including three women). Five subjects did not complete the study because of injury and illness. Participants' ages were between eighteen and forty two years. Of those who completed the study, the average age was 24.5 years. Of these were two women with an average age of 34.5 years. The subjects’ training experience was between one and five years. The study lasted two months (nine weeks). Blood-serum samples, body weight, lean mass, and fat mass measurements were taken before starting and at the end of the study.

Study participants were directed to take 2 capsules 3 times a day at roughly equal intervals and strictly on an empty stomach. Half the test subjects received placebo, the other half received Herborepairicum® GI-4™. The subjects' diet was not altered for the study; subjects continued on the same diet as before the study.  No other supplements were added to their diet during the study. 

Strength training was done 3 times per week. The training was at high intensity and more frequent than usual. Squats, bench press and press behind the neck were done on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Monday’s intensity was 8-12 reps at between 70% and 80% of the maximum, Wednesday and Friday intensity was between 85% and 100% (1-5 reps) of the maximum. In both cases the maximum sets was 5. The remaining muscle groups were trained Monday and Friday up to 3 sets using a variety of exercises. Training intensity was increased each week.

Testosterone analysis was done using equipment from Roche Diagnostics GmbH, Mannheim, Germany.                                                                                                                                                                                                               Fat mass measurements were made with Skinfold Caliper from Fat Control Inc. Stewartstown. PA. USA

2016 Test Results:

A 9 week programme of tests on the effects of Herborepairicum® GI-4 was completed in 2016


In 3 exercises the Placebo group overall muscle strength average per person increased 9,95kg (8,47%).

Herborepairicum® GI-4 group overall muscle strength average per person increased 33,0kg (40,49%).

Herborepairicum® GI-4 group overall muscle strength average per person increased 23,05kg more than the Placebo group.  

Herborepairicum® GI-4 group overall strength increase compared to Placebo group overall increase = 378% greater increase.

That means Herborepairicum® GI-4 group average increase over the 3 exercises was more than 3 times that of Placebo group.

In bench press: Herborepairicum® GI-4 average strength increased 6,7kg more than Placebo group = 304% greater increase.
In squat: Herborepairicum® GI-4 the average strength increased 15,7kg more than Placebo group = 102% greater increase.
In press behind neck: Herborepairicum® GI-4 strength increased 7,8kg more than Placebo group = 529% greater increase.

Lean body mass

The Placebo group lost an average of ​​-0,58kg lean body mass per person.

Herborepairicum® GI-4 group gained +1,97kg average lean body mass per person.

Herborepairicum® GI-4 group gained average 2,55kg more lean mass than Placebo group average = 474% greater increase

Fat mass

Placebo group reduced average per person fat mass by 0,35kg (a per person average decrease of 2,12%).

Herborepairicum® GI-4 group reduced fat mass by 2,29kg per person, a per person average degrease of 13,52%).

Herborepairicum® GI-4 group reduced fat mass by 1,94kg more than the Placebo group decrease = 538% greater decrease

The Placebo group average blood-serum testosterone declined -2%, while Herborepairicum® GI-4 group average blood-serum testosterone increased +28%. Herborepairicum® GI-4 group blood-serum testosterone increased by 15 times that of Placebo group. (Women’s average blood-serum testosterone increased more than the men’s average.)



Size 180 capsules
Dosage Directions: On training day: Always 4 capsules 60-90 min before training !! If the training is before 12.00 take 4 capsules an hour before exercise and 2 capsules in the evening. Do you work out after 18.00, take 4 capsules before exercise and 2 capsules in the morning. Do you work out before16.00, take 4 capsules 60-90 minutes before the workout and 2 capsules before bed time. On exercise-free days: 2 capsules 3 times a day, on EMPTY STOMACH (no earlier than two hours after eating) one hour before eating (very important), three times a day. You can only drink water for one hour after taking the capsules and don't mix with anything ells. If you get a burning gut feeling (because of ginger) drink plenty of water or put some bicarbonate in the water when taking Herbull. You can also take fruit or protein drink one hour before Herbull. Fruit and protein drinks digest much faster then other foods. Side effects: Because the product has a D-tox effect, you may have to go to the toilet for 1-2 days more often. It is important to follow the instructions strictly for optimal results. Optimal result when consumed three times a day evenly distributed during the day. O.B.S. The product is completely dependent on it being taken on an empty stomach !!! If you do not or cannot follow the directive then you should not buy the product !!!
Servings per container 90
Content information Basil, lime blossom, Rosmatin, Ginger, Zink. Ingredients Per 2 capsules: Basil 218 mg* , Lime blossom 218 mg*, Rosemary 72mg* , Ginger 72 mg*, Zink 4 mg, Vit B6 4mg, Chromium picolinate 13,4 mcg, Vitamin B12 0,8 mcg. *Daily Reference Intake undetermined.
Content per serving 2 capsules 580 mg
Generally This is a dietary supplement and should not be used as an alternative to a varied diet. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Keep out of reach of small children. Think about the importance of a versatile and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. If you are pregnant, nursing, suffering from illness or being treated with medication, you should always consult a doctor before using the product. This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent disease.
Andreas Lindell 30/09/2020

Jag tog det ca 3 månader sist och ökade redan efter 1 månad mellan 5-10kg/hantel i hantelpress. Hade lite problem me mitt högra knä också innan dessa men det försvann efter typ 2 månader och jag kunde lätt ta 50kg mer än tidigare i benböj. Massan vet jag inte har inte vägt mig alls, men märkte på mina axlar och att jag fick en bättre hållning också
Otroligt bra produkt ni skapat o kommer köra detta hela hösten vintern o våren o se vad detta ger mig denna gången men ser fram emot det väldigt mycke.
ENG::I took it about 3 months last time and increased already after 1 month between 5-10kg / dumbbell in dumbbell press. Had a little problem with my right knee also before these, but it disappeared after 2 months and I could easily take 50kg more than before in squats. The mass I don't know, I have not weighed myself at all but noticed on my shoulders and that I got a better posture as well. Incredibly good product you have created and will take this all autumn winter and spring and see what this gives me this time but look forward to it very much.

Mikael N 25/05/2020

Started with Herbull on the 17th of April

Bench press from 187.5 - 200 (205 but not nothing.
April 17th I did deadlift 185 but released my grip
Deadlift from 185 - 225kg in six days.
Today I did deadlift 225kg without straps.

Had 187.5 kg in bench before I started with Herbullerbull.
Today I did 2x190kg, 1x195kg and 1x200kg
Thanks to herbull I am 30 kg over the Swedish record in bench press
Herbull is insane
Mikael Nilsson, Falkenberg

David S. 25/05/2020

ENG: Hi. On April 22, I bought Herbull. Then I thought I should measure and see the effect. Last year I used it there were big effects. This time I wanted to measure and see. Check out the results in less than four weeks! I am not a beginner and 40 years .. so it is an old man who gets these results ... not a testosterone aged 25 years !. I measure with muscle scanner, where you measure muscle quality. Look here .. it's less than a month.
For those who do not understand, this is huge! My arm increased about 1.5 cm and I lost between 15-17% fat on my biceps. My biceps-clean muscles increased L 7% and R 13%. Triceps L 4.5% and R 4%, fat loss L 10.5% and R 7%, forearm muscle gain L 9%, R 7%, fat loss L 8%, R 13%

David S. 25/05/2020

SWE: Hej . Den 22 april köpte jag Herbull. Då tänkte jag att jag borde mäta och se effekten. Förra året jag använde det var det stora effekter. Den här gången ville jag mäta och se. Kolla in resultaten på mindre än fyra veckor! Jag är inte en nybörjare och 40 år .. så det är en gammal man som får dessa resultat ... inte en testosteron fylld 25 åring!. Jag mäter med muskelscanner, där du mäter muskelkvaliten. Titta här .. det är mindre än en månad.
För dem som inte förstår, detta är enormt ! Min arm ökade cirka 1,5 cm och jag tappade mellan 15-17% fett på min biceps. Mina biceps-rena muskler ökade L 7% och R 13%. Triceps L 4,5% och R 4%, fettminskning L 10,5% och R 7%, underarm muskelökning L 9%, R 7%, fettminskning L 8%, R 13%

Micke 19/04/2020

På mindre än en vecka har jag ökat min bänkpress från 195 kg till 200 kg.. Så sjukt nöjd med Herbull

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Kalle Lane (47), 12 times Swedish Grip Champ. World Strongest Master competitor 2017, 2018 WORLD RECORD holder in grip!!!! "I have tried Herbull for two months, and I was really impressed about its effects, so I decided to join Team HERBULL. My strength endurance has increased enormously, and I can work out for hours. Energy from Herbull is amazing and so recovery. 90% of my friends loves Herbull.!!! I’m 47 and I’m have made many Personal Records so far since I started with Herbull. This product is just unbelievable.

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