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AAEFX - Kre-Alkalyn® NITRO Pro 120

AAEFX - Kre-Alkalyn® NITRO Pro 120
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AAEFX - Kre-Alkalyn® NITRO Pro 120
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Kre-Alkalyn ® NITRO Pro
Now two great products combined in a single product - Kre Alkalyn EFX Pro and Nytric! Provides greater pump, increased stamina, strength, focus and let your muscles grow faster with better muscle definition. If you have previously used or tried any of Kre-Alkalyn EFX Pro or Nytric should be absolutely try this product.
What is the difference between taking Nytric EFX and KreAlkalyn PRO? After taking Nytric EFX and you have a slow and long stimulation of nitrogen (anabolic effect) in the body for about 6 hours which is good and positive, and that you should have to cover in the days when taking 3x1-2 tablets / day. In practice, however, it vitigt to get a "TURBO" effect and it must be now because you see that all stimulation occurs for a short period (during training) and it is getting extreme amount of L-arginine Alpha Keto Glutarate and significantly greater effect avKre-Alkalyn (creatine).
NOTE: What most people miss is that they take amino acids when they still have food in your stomach, thus losing much of the effect. Remember, YOU NEED BLOOD TO YOUR MUSCLES AND NOT TO digestion during exercise!
Can not I get the same effect if I take the L-arginine AKG any time? All American EFX is one of the few supplement companies in the world using medical teknologo that are complicated and expensive.
Therefore the whole EFX series 2-5 times better absorption than other products on the market. In practice it means that you need to take much more of L-arginine Alpha Keto Glutarate to possibly get a similar effect, and then it will be more expensive. It's not about how much you put in you, but how much your body can take.
This is a dietary supplement and can not replace a varied diet. Persons under 18 should not take supplements, nor pregnant or nursing. Keep out of reach of children. Daily intake should not be exceeded.
This is a dietary supplement and do not use as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet. Persons under 18 should not take supplements, nor pregnant or nursing. Individuals suffering from any disease and / or medication should consult a physician before consumption. Keep out of reach of children. Daily intake should not be exceeded.


Servings 120 caps
Simon 20/10/2015

Har testat produkten känner att den ger bra tryck känner mig stark mycket bra återhämtning rekommenderar starkt denna produkt.

Gustav 17/06/2015

Två grymma produkter i en och samma burk. Kre-Alkalyn och Nytric har tillsammans lyft min träning till en ny nivå. Pumpet man får under träningen och efter vill man inte vara utan. Har du inte testat något liknande så rekommenderar jag att du gör det.

Anders 10/06/2015

WOW vilken pump som höll i sig långt efter träningen. Ökade väldigt bra i styrka också bara under tre veckor.
Har provat några andra NO produkter men dom håller inte måttet.

WOW the awesome pump lasted well after training. Increased very well in strength also only for three weeks.
Have tried some other NO products but they do not live up to this standard.

Nisse 27/09/2013

En kanonprodukt helt enkelt.. köp!

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