• PurePro - Multipack 8
8 tablets/capsules, comprehensive multivitamin package
A high dosage multivitamin, mineral and trace element complex with a total of 12 different vitamins, 8 minerals, Omega3 and Q10. 
Every package contains 8 tablets, capsules and soft capsules to meet the body's daily vitamin and mineral need.
1 package contains:
Multivitamin tablets (2)
Omega-3 soft gelatin capsule (1)
Lecithin soft gelatin capsule (1)
Q10 coenzyme soft gelatin capsule (1)
Calcium – zinc - magnesium tablet (1)
Vitamin C 1000 + Rose Hips (1)
Glucosamine-chondroitin-MSM capsule (1 db)
The carefully selected ingredients contribute to:
the healthy function of the heart and circulatory system
maintaining a normal blood sugar level
maintaining normal eyesight and brain function
supporting the immune system
optimizing sport performances
maintaining normal bone structure
the healthy condition and function of the skin
easing depressive symptoms by facilitating the maintenance of a proper psychological state and supporting the proper functioning of the nervous system
the normal condition and function of cartilage
Give it a try and see for yourself!
Package: 30 packets

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PurePro - Multipack 8

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