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WHEY AMINO GOLD from Body Attack is a whey protein blend from concentrate and hydrolysate which can meet the increased protein requirements within a diet or a building phase. The milk proteins provide 18 important free and peptide-bound amino acids.

Body Attack's Whey Amino Gold is the perfect alternative to protein and milkshakes. The Whey Amino Gold contains 79 percent whey protein concentrate and 10 percent whey protein hydrolyzate. Both sources of protein are high-quality dietary proteins because they contain a greater amount of essential amino acids than other protein sources such as meat. Due to the optimized manufacturing process, the two whey proteins can be broken down more easily by the body and are easily accessible for normal protein metabolism.

In one serving, so in 10 Maxi tablets are 14 g of protein and 3,100 mg BCAA, which support the increased protein intake in the build-up phase and also in the diet phase. In the build-up phase, the proteins are used for muscle growth and in the diet phase for muscle maintenance. But even those who eat one-sidedly or feed less protein, the Body Attack Wehy Amino Gold can absorb all important amino acids, so that the body can build up important endogenous proteins (such as hormones, enzymes and cartilage).

Body Attack Whey Amino Gold are amino acid tablets whose main ingredient is whey protein (English: Whey). Whey or whey protein is one of the highest quality dietary proteins.

In addition, the protein source is rich in BCAA (amino acids), which are involved in building and maintaining muscle mass. Especially the L-leucine under the BCAA is one of the strongest amino acids, because it is a signal generator for mTOR, which in turn promotes muscle growth. Also Body Attack Beta Tor contains a precursor of L-leucine and is also gladly included in the build-up phase.

Body Attack Whey Amino Gold is designed for athletes, seniors, and those with a one-sided diet who need more protein. Body Attack Whey Amino Gold is designed for athletes and individuals who are reluctant to take milk or protein shakes. Although the amino acid supplement in tablet form does not deliver as many kilocalories as a protein shake, it provides all the important amino acids for protein metabolism.

In addition, the Shakealternative provides only 0.7 g of fat and 2.1 g of carbohydrates, which is why it fits very well in a low fat diet. People with lactose intolerance can also benefit from the shake alternative because 10 tablets contain only 1 g of lactose, with most protein shakes from Whey Protein Concentrate providing up to 3 g of lactose. Thus, a good alternative to low-lactose protein shakes.

Even those with a low-protein diet and energy-reduced diet can prevent the lack of the 8 essential amino acids with the Body Attack Whey Amino Gold. Thus, the normal protein metabolism can be maintained and the Whey proteins contained in Body Attack Whey Amino Gold can contribute to the maintenance and build up of the muscles.

Dosage Recommended dosage: Take 5 tablets twice a day with meals and with plenty of liquid (300 ml). On training days take 5 tablets each before and after the training. Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage.
Content information Whey protein concentrate (79%), Whey protein hydrolysate (Optipep®)(10%), Stabiliser (Di-Calcium- phosphate), Separating agents (Silicondioxide, Magnesium stearates). Food supplement with whey protein. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of small children.

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Body Attack - Whey Amino gold 325 tabl

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